Sunday, July 15, 2012

The NEW....Cricut Artiste Collection From CTMH...YAY!!


  1. This cart looks like fun...I already ordered mine and it will be available for purchase to my wonderful customers effective August 1st. If you are interested in purchasing you can do so directly from my website... or by clicking on the shop with my link on the right side of my page :-)

  2. I am going there right now! hahahahahaha

  3. I want it!!! You will be hearing from

  4. Netta, I am drooling as well. Who would have thought within a year of releasing Art Philosophy they would come out with another banger!! I can't wait to get mine!! I can't wait to hear from you :-)

  5. Love your ideas you are SOOOO creative

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Ashlee...I checked out your blog and am totally on a healthy kick so I will see you around. You have some wonderful healthy recipes :-) I look forward to trying them as well as your workouts :-) I am a new follower.


Thanks for the comment love :-)