Sunday, December 8, 2013

Glitter Christmas Ornaments

A good friend of mine Kisa, made some beautiful christmas ornaments. When I learned she glittered them herself I asked her how she did it and she was kind enough to send me this youtube tutorial here. Who would have thought to use Mop N Glow!!!

I decided to make one for my girls, boyfriend and I. Here is a quick description of how I made my ornaments.

I started out with a box of iridescent glass ornaments from Hobby Lobby.  Here is a picture of the box. Totally failed to take a pic of them as I was too excited to get started creating!! I used my 40% off coupon! 

Using instruction from the tutorial I squirted mop and glow in the ornament. I swirled it around until it was totally coated. I set it upside down on a glass to get the remaining mop and glow to drain out. I made a funnel using a scratch piece of paper and poured extra fine glitter into the ornament. I swirled the glitter around until coated and then covered the opening and shook it up and down. 

I couldn't decide what to put on the actual ornament but then I decided our initials would be cool. I used my cricut Artbooking cartridge to cut out the letters on white vinyl. I used transfer tape to help make sure the letter were lined up. I felt like it was missing a little something so I added some bitty sparkles to jazz it up. I cut pieces of boa and placed around the top of the ornament using large glue dots. You could also use something more permanent like liquid glass

I love how they came out!! I might have to get busy and make some for Christmas gifts!! 
My daughter Aria's

My boyfriend Shannon's

My daughter Kayla's


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