Thursday, April 10, 2014

Technique Thursday...Ghost Stamping w/ Background Stamps

This is my post as part of the SOC creative team as well as I am using this as my Day 7 Embrace Your Art Challenge. (I am a little behind and need to catch up, my little princess is sick :-( 

Have you tried Ghost Stamping?? It's the process of stamping with white pigment ink first and then dye ink on top of the same image slightly offset.

Here are the two cards using the same basic pieces turned vertically and horizontal. 

I used black, juniper and kraft paper. I cut the kraft paper at 2 inches, black at 2 1/2 inches and juniper at 3 inches. The card base is a  4 x 5.5 inch white note card. 

 I took the acrylic stamp adhered it to my block and stamped the background image in White Daisy pigment ink on Kraft paper. The pigment ink took some time to dry so it was not immediate. You could use a heat gun to set the ink and make the process quicker. 

Here is a up close and personal picture. I cleaned off the stamp and inked it in Juniper. I slightly offset it so you could still see the white pigment ink. 

 Here is the horizontal card with the stamped sentiment "All things are possible to those that believe". (my offset was a little off :-()

Here is the vertical card. I used an image and sentiment which I fussy cut and added 3-D foam tape to make it pop. 
Hobby Lobby Note cards
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